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1 School-year’s worth of Lessons on Physical Education, Health and Hygiene, Nutrition and Moving-to-music

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Workplace Health Promotion Programme for Teachers

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Playground and Toilet Facilities Intervention

For all of our class-room based interventions we rely on a concept of multiple dimensions of  teaching quality:

Dimensions of Teaching Quality

Characteristics of good teaching have been identified in general educational research. These characteristics promote the acquisition of competencies and the development of motivation among students independent of the subject. Good teaching that promotes student performance as well as motivation is characterized by the following features:

  • Classroom organization, for instance binding rules and targets, the clarity and structure of the teaching process, decreased waste of time;
  • Student orientation, for instance individual learning support, a positive teacher-student relationship, positive teacher feedback; and
  • Cognitive activation, for instance the genetic-Socratic approach, avoidance of repetitive exercises.
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