A teacher’s health promotion programme that educates and improves health behaviours in individuals.

The programme consists of three parts:

  1. Individualised health risk assessment / health check
  2. An online short learning programme
  3. Self-monitoring and motivation through the KaziHealth mobile application

It aims at reducing the risks for cardiovascular diseases and improves physical activity and physical fitness, nutrition and diet, and psychosocial health.

The KaziHealth mobile app integrates three lifestyle interventions, namely, physical activity, healthy eating, and stress and sleep management to guide individuals in achieving their personal health goals. Education, motivation and self-monitoring is provided within the KaziHealth app to keep individuals motivated and informed, and to ultimately make healthier lifestyle choices and decrease health risks.

KaziCHAT is an individual risk assessment tool which entails several tests related to measuring health and well-being. It is used by research staff to assess participants of the KaziHealth programme.


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